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Your water heater is a vital component of your home that provides you with hot showers, baths, and clean dishes. Without hot water, you’ll quickly notice and look to us for help. We handle your water heater repairs, water heater replacements, expansion tanks, and new installations. We also come out for maintenance services and check the screens, heating elements, thermostats, pressure, and overall performance. We do tankless water heaters, electric, and gas water heaters. If you have one that’s leaking, call us asap. With our emergency services, we can hopefully fix it before more damage is done.

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Your hot water just ran out! What are you going to do now?

This can be really inconvenient and uncomfortable when we're in the middle of taking a bath or shower! No worries, we’ll come right out and get things repaired or replaced quickly. When you lose hot water, it’s probably the thermostat or the heating element that needs to be replaced. Depending on the age of the water heater, it may be beneficial to replace it. Let’s take a look and determine the best route. We offer fast reliable service in West Magna, Salt Lake City, Murray, Magna, and Kearns, Utah.

Should you get a tankless water heater?

There are advantages and disadvantages to this popular option. Tankless water heaters allow you to have hot water on demand instead of pulling hot water from a holding tank. This can save on your energy bill since you’re not having to continually heat a tank. Another advantage is its size and versatility. Without the large holding tank, you have more room for other things. There are some disadvantages, however. For example, if you have multiple people in the home wanting to take showers or do laundry at the same time, the tankless water heater may have trouble keeping up with demand. It also costs more upfront to install versus a traditional water heater.

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MJ HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC offers fast service calls. Hot water is essential for cooking, laundry, and hygiene, so we know how important it is to get your hot water working asap! Count on our team in West Magna to repair your water heater fast. Reach us at 801-493-5887 to schedule your appointment sooner than later.

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We at MJ HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC pride ourselves on our fast, friendly service. Call our HVAC contractor at 801-493-5887!

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