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We install mini-split HVAC systems without having to install ductwork!


This saves time and money. These small HVAC systems are used for heating and cooling your home or individual rooms, as we most often see. The great thing is they do not require ductwork which makes them ideal to install just about anywhere in your home! Plus they are affordable! MJ HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC in West Magna, UT, installs quality mini-splits that are quiet and unobtrusive. Great for home additions and adding heated square footage to your home.

Affordable and space-saving!

Ductless HVAC Unit on wall

The mini-split HVAC system is a cost-effective, energy-efficient way to heat and cool your home. Its space-saving design can be installed in tight spaces or areas that won’t allow ductwork to be added. A mini-split HVAC consists of a small outdoor condenser unit and an indoor evaporator unit just like its larger counterpart. Installation is usually quick and requires very little alteration to the home other than a small opening in the wall to allow conduit for electrical and refrigerant to pass. You can virtually choose anywhere you want them installed and they’re so quiet, you’ll hardly notice it running. Most are controlled by remote control or from your phone by the use of an app.

Clean heating and air

Mini-splits are a great way to provide clean air for your home. Since they don’t have the ductwork that can trap dust, allergens, mold spores, pet fur, and other pollutants if not cleaned often, you naturally have cleaner air coming from the system. You eliminate having forced air traveling over pollutants in the ductwork and spreading them into your home. Ductless systems might be a good option for those around them with allergies.

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Clients are usually surprised by how affordable these units are with the number of benefits that come along with them. If you’re curious and want to learn more about ductless heating and cooling, call us today at 801-493-5887 to learn more! If for years, you’ve wanted to finish off a space like your basement or garage, this could be a perfect solution and easily attained. Add more heated square feet and increase your home’s property value by installing this simple solution. MJ HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC installs and repairs ductless HVAC systems all over West Magna, Salt Lake City, Murray, Magna, and Kearns, Utah.

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